Chapter 6: Growing Over Tiny Spaces

As the popularity of the cultivation of marijuana is becoming a growing trend, many people choose to grow it indoors because they have no other option, even if this means that they have to engage their creative thoughts for it. The beginners that do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to start the full-blown outdoor or indoor growing operation, can opt for a more simple option: the micro grow. A couple of seeds planted in a small place like a cupboard, can offer great results of micro growing. This can be a natural and interesting way to experiment without being afraid of destroying an expensive operation. The corners of your house, the inside of your wardrobe, the stairwell or the place under your desktop can become a nice place for your marijuana supply if you are using the perfect lightning system: LED panels, CFL’s or HPS lamps. 

Think of It Without Limits

Here are some basic rules that can be applied when the space you have available is limited:

  • You should take advantage of each available inch you have for your growth
  • You should choose between bushy, short and indica-dominant strains like Afghani #1 or Hash Plant
  • You should use drastic training and trellising techniques when you start to grow out plants like Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze or Kali Mist
  • The pruning should be started early and should be done often. You can pinch or cut the branches right above the node to let two new shoots will be able to emerge. This is the way to achieve a bonsai bush looking plant. In this case, it will have a lot of bud sites without a great number of big gaps or stretching between nodes. This efficient way that offers bigger yields from small spaces also increases the vegetating time of the plants.
  • When the plants begin flowering, you should not pinch or prune them at once. If you see the branches are reaching the light and might start burning, you should tie or bend them down.
  • If you want to increase your yields and spread out the bud sites, you could build a trellis system at the roof level from chicken wire (also known as “screen of green” or ScrOG system). It is really simple to train the growing shots to go horizontally on the screen’s bottom and start filling the empty spots. 

The Ventilation

The ventilation process is really important when the plant grows in a tight place. The quick depletion of fresh air, full of CO2 can stifle the photosynthetic process and slow down the growth of the new plant cells. The growth can be also inhibited by the heat buildup in a small place, so you should employ intake fans for fresh air. The small micron filters applied on those fans can prevent unwanted dust, pests, molds or other nasty things. Set the intake fans at a low speed to bring in air and at a higher speed to suck out the heated air.

The Light

The space you choose for the growth needs a special lightning system. My recommendation is the use of a high-intensity discharge light or HID, like metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS). If you have a tiny garden, you could also use CFL or compact fluorescent lightning, but this type of light is better for mother plants or cloning. The new type of lights, the LED lamps, can provide light without too much heat, but the price will also be a little higher than the usual ones.

The Chosen Place

There are three possibilities to start your growing operation:

  • Closets – this is one perfect spot for your new learned techniques of growing marijuana, but you should know that any curious-looking tube that goes in or comes out will draw attention. This can be solved through a hole in a wall that resides in the closet. The lightning us also very important because this tight place can end up being a sauna for your plant rather than an explosive growth process. One of the advantages of the closet is the idea of diving it into two distinct spaces with plywood and two-by-fours, so you will have pretty much room for the mother plants, vegging plants and clones, while the larger area can be the perfect spot for budding plants.
  • Tents – this is one of the easy ways to grow marijuana. Tents are really easy to set up and also to take down if there is any need of that. They are perfectly fit with secure poles for the hanging grow lights and holes for outtake fans, while some of them come with separate rooms for each type of plant.
  • Growboxes – these interesting investment opportunities can be purchased by choosing from the large variety of prices and sizes, from cheap simple metal cabinets with a fan attached to expensive ones with virtual running computer chips, CO2 injection, lightning timers and touchscreen technology.

Marijuana Bonsai

As I have mentioned before, you can transform your plant into a bonsai bush through the early and often pruning. Besides the awesome looks it will have, you can achieve a great harvest from one small plant. It is really easy to do it if you have patience, a sharp eye and some basic techniques. There are five steps that should be followed to achieve a beautiful marijuana bonsai tree.

  1. Prepare the container
  2. You should begin with the first step and gather your needed materials. The edges of the new container will need some holes before you repot the plant. These holes represent the points through which you will tie down the branches, so you should drill them in the correct size and number for the wire or string you have. Once the holes are enough for the desired shape of the future plant, you can bring in the marijuana.

    The needed materials are: the young plant, the quality soil, a container that has good drainage, a drill, wire with string or plastic coat, a wooden stake and perfect pruning shears to use while the plant grows.

  3. Train the trunk
  4. The wooden stake will be used here, to train your trunk. It has to be carefully and easy slided next to the plant, into its soil, without damaging the root system. You can now twist the stalk of the plant around the stake and give it the direction you would like it to have. The string comes into action now to tie the wrapped system to the container and so, the stalk will gain the desired shape while it continues to grow.

  5. Tie it back
  6. You should know that you will pass through a constant process to get your bonsai started. While it continues its growth, you will have to train it. To do this, you will need to learn the routine of tying back any main branch till they grow to have the ideal shape. The horizontal widening can be achieved, for example, if you start tying the growing branches to the sides of the container. For the vertical type of growth, you should wire it go the container as you desire, just not too tight or it will snap.

  7. Prune
  8. The plant should always stay nice and trimmed, so the visual appeal and shape can be maintained, the health of the plant will be increased and there will be room for any of the coveted buds. The small offshoot branches should be trimmed away in order to prune. However, there is always a trick. The one here is to be careful not to cut the main branches because the number of flowers produced will clearly decrease and the structural integrity of the plant will definitely be destroyed.

  9. Harvest
  10. The marijuana bonsai plant is just like any other plant when it flowers. You have two options for its growth: just maintain it in a vegetative state and wait for the perfect shape or wait only a couple of months and force it to flower. It is only your choice. If you choose the second option, you have to give it a 12/12 cycle, 12 hours of light and the other 12 of absolute darkness. You will be able to trim off, dry and cure the bud in the moment when the trichomes that cover each flower take a milk-white color.

If you would like something fun to do and in the same time interesting while you experiment some great growing techniques, you should try to watch over a marijuana bonsai. This type of growth is for those who are in need of a hobby or simply want to keep an amazing small and out of the ordinary plant.

Another interesting fact about this marijuana bonsai is that you can reuse the clippings of the plant, while it is in the growth process, to make a number of recipes like raw cannabis smoothies or even DIY cannabis tropical drinks. You can experiment and see how it goes.