Chapter 1: Preface

Marijuana has a remarkably short lifespan, which is probably one of the reasons why it is one of the most fascinating and gratifying plants to grow. In the span of only three to six months, you get to see its amazing growth cycle and process – from seed germination to actual harvest. The most rewarding of it all is you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work when the entire process is finished. Many potential growers would very much like to consider growing marijuana, but there are things that make them apprehensive. If a grower will go about it with an air of indifference, he or she will likely fail to see a good harvest.


Labor Intensive Effort

Cultivating marijuana is a labor-intensive effort. It is a must that you to take great care of your plants if you want to see the best harvest when the time comes. It can be somewhat difficult, but you need to try your best if you want to see good products. Many people who have no gardening experience or knowledge in horticulture have tried growing cannabis, and saw a good harvest.

Many marijuana growers stated that you may not become addicted to using marijuana, but will certainly become addicted to cultivating and propagating the plant.

This book is intended for novice marijuana cultivators. It aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide that can give you solid foundation, which can help a lot in growing your marijuana garden and make it a much simpler process.

It is a known fact that marijuana has a dark legal history in the United States and around the world for that matter. When you have decided to grow marijuana, you need to be prepared to face a certain amount of risk. Even the states (such as Washington and Colorado) that have legalized marijuana for recreational use are compelled to strictly follow the laws regarding marijuana cultivation. The federal government has yet to make a clear rule of law regarding the punishable offences surrounding marijuana possession and growth. Even though the law about marijuana possession and growth is rather vague, people still cultivate them.

For centuries, humans and the marijuana plant have shared a sort of symbiotic relationship. The people in the ancient time cultivated cannabis because they could get a lot of medicinal benefits from it. It was around 70 years ago when cannabis was used in Western medicine to give remedy to various ailments.

Unfortunately, the government of different countries categorized cannabis as an illegal substance while knowing that it is one of the most beneficial plants around. It does not contain the addictive properties of hard narcotics like cocaine or heroin. It is even safer to use than most commonly prescribed drugs.

Types of Marijuana

Marijuana has two different sexes – the male and female varieties. Occasionally, some hermaphroditic varieties may also appear. The hermaphroditic varieties have both male and female reproductive organs.

Marijuana has the following three major species:

  1. Indica – This variety has relatively short and wide leaves that are round and have greener color. When you look closely, you can see the marble-likepattern on the leaves.
  2. Sativa – This variety grows taller than Indica. It has thinner and more pointed leaves that have no marble-like pattern. It gives an energetic, cerebral high.
  3. Ruderalis – This variety is less popular as compared to any of the already mentioned varieties. It is commonly used to make fabrics, ropes, and others.

The different types of marijuana have their own unique properties. One of the best indicators of their potency is the amount of their THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is a cannabinoid that provides medicinal and soothing benefits as well as euphoric feeling. In general, most cannabis cultivators use Sativa, Indica, or their hybrid varieties. Most growers don’t choose Ruderalis because it only contains trace amounts of THC. Also, the female variety of cannabis plant is the growers’ prized possession because of its high THC content.

When the female marijuana remains unpollinated, expect its THC content to rise. It will generate more buds, flowers, and THC resin. Marijuana also contains other cannabinoids that can influence the kind of high that recreational users may want to experience. The cannabinoids are responsible for giving you altered state of mind and being that affect your cognitive and physical functions. Expect to harvest high-quality THC from your female marijuana when you grow them under ideal conditions.

Marijuana Seeds

You can actually get some marijuana seeds using different methods. Unfortunately, almost all of the available methods are considered illegal under US laws. If you have a friend that cultivates marijuana, then it is best to get your seeds from him. That way, you can eliminate being traced, and you can be certain that the seeds will be provided by a trusted source. You can be sure that you will be able to harvest on time. You can also get your seeds from a fellow grower, although sometimes, you won’t be lucky enough to have that option.

You can also buy marijuana seeds from a dealer if you know someone from the black market. The only trouble with this option is that it would be hard to determine the quality of seeds that you would get. It’s possible that you may get some weird, yet very nice plants. You may also get some seeds that may never grow adequately at all.

Your third option is to get your seeds from a seed bank. There are a lot of seed banks online and most of them are based in Netherlands or Canada, where selling of marijuana seeds are legal. Sadly, most Dutch seed banks don’t ship to the US. There is also a huge possibility that you may get ripped off in the end. There’s very little to no risk of being questioned by the authorities because the seeds are discreetly packed. In case a postal employee failed to handle the package carefully, the seeds you ordered may end up cracked or unusable. If you can cross the Canadian border, you may find a seed bank that may be more than willing to sell some marijuana seeds to you.

If you have some experience in handling the different marijuana strains, then locating your favorite specie may likely be your priority. Most vendors classify their seeds according to strain. The different vendors may use special names for each strain they sell, but all of them fall under the same species of Indica, Sativa, and/or others.

The moment you received your marijuana seeds, inspect them right away and check their quality. Most mature seeds have dark brown hue with marbling or swirling patterns on them. Mature seeds with such features are most likely the ones to germinate and thrive without so much fuss. Seeds that have pale green color are not mature enough. They have been taken from the plant at a time that can be considered too early. You can still try to grow the pale green seeds, but you may not find it satisfying.

Once you have successfully cultivated a fully-grown marijuana plant, you now have your own source of marijuana seeds and you don’t need to look for or deal with sellers of marijuana seeds.

Where to Grow

Obtaining the seeds is just the first step that you need to take in growing marijuana. There’s a long line of steps that you must complete to start cultivating your own marijuana plants. Before you begin with anything, you need to determine the best location to cultivate the plants. You have two major options: indoors or outdoors.

Growing marijuana is not something like throwing pumpkin seeds into the ground and patiently waiting for it to sprout. Many marijuana growers take time to conduct a feasibility study regarding the yield or success of growing marijuana in the space they have allotted for their plants to grow. Do you want to grow marijuana indoors because you have some space? How many marijuana plants do you intend to grow? Are you fully prepared to carry the responsibilities of being a grower? If you plan to grow marijuana outdoors, do you think the location is concealed enough? What kind of weather do you have? Do you have a good soil for planting?

The succeeding sections of this e-book will shed light to those questions and much more.